Quick Learn


1.origins of economic activity
2. Fundemental principle of financial exchanges
3. Basic activities of financial bodies like banks, exchanges
4. Service scope of historical financial services, philosophy of finances
5. Service scope of present and future financial services
6. Adopting to the changing economic paradigm
7. What's trading and how does it effect the modern Market
8. Types of trading and effects of use, misuse , abuse of trading practices
9. Debts and equities.
10. An introduction to trading entrepreneurship.

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1. Basics of blockchain technology
2. Pros and cons of blockchain technology
3. What's a smart contract
4. Advancements in tradingĀ 
5. Top coins and their usability scope .
6. Emotional intelligence in trading crypto
7. Scope of trading and security issues
8. Introduction to Ido platforms
9. Fear greed in trading
10. Ai. And blockchain
11. Airdrops
12. What's public key and private key
13. Asset and liability
14. Quantum computing and trading
15. Trading bots

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1. Introduction to trading part 2
2. Strategy
3. Importance of a strategy
4. Scope and usability of strategy.
5. Control over investment
6. Patience is the key
7. Observation and analysis for rookies
8. First tested strategy in trading
9. Trading methods part 2
10 second strategy
11. Third strategy

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