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How we were founded

All About ABull

Built by modern-day tech enthusiasts, finance
professionals and most importantly,
innovators, ABull is a comprehensive platform
that uses entertaining resources, AI & Machine
Learning to enable in-depth understanding of Market

All About ABull
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The goal of our enterprise is to disseminate knowledge and experience that gives a high level of expertise in Trading and investment to everyone seeking to generate wealth easily

  • Information
  • Blockchain
  • Experience
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Expertise
  • Machine Learning


At ABull, we envisage an ecosystem of enthusiasts and experts birthed out of a platform designed to help train to inculcate vision for effective investment

  • Wealth generation
  • Innovative approach
  • Easy learning
  • Extensive research
  • knowledge sharing
  • Ubiquitous presence
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Meet Our Team

Aditya GSL (President & Founder)

Aditya GSL (President & Founder)

An electrical engineering grad who won a National award at prestigious Indian National science fair 2005, followed his dream to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to be a job creator and a special one amongst the most. Started his career as Industrialist at the age of 21 established Mahathi Industry followed by working with a defence startup as advisor to the board and helped raise fund of 15 crores.
Rama Krishna V (CEO)

Rama Krishna V (CEO)

RamKrishna popularly know as Ramki in Fintech/crypto community is an alumnus of IIM-Kolkata and IIIT Hyderabad, with 15 years of Global exposure in Fintech, Insurance, crypto domains with a corporate experience in Top management leading 100 million dollar businesses & managing a team of 600 people.
Smita Varkhedkar (Associate Partner)

Smita Varkhedkar (Associate Partner)

Experienced Business Administrator with more than a decade experience. Skilled in planning, schedule management, customer service, customer relationship management (CRM), Team building, vendor management and communications to a wide range of stakeholders, media, bloggers, influential members of the business community and the public.