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Our prized AI Alfred customizes the environment to mimic a free-flowing market for thorough experience & learning.

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AI-enabled Experiential Learning

At aBULL we have scientifically developed an Idea that encompasses objectives of learning investment in Market and is the monetization of technology, investment strategies for Trading and democratic participation.

  • Uses raw data for investment thesis
  • Creates structured datasets from raw data
  • Uses ML to identify investment signals
  • Predicts to help generate profits

Master the science of trading

Contrary to popular approach, learning how to trade market is a multi-faceted approach. The core of trading is governed by sophisticated technology like Blockchain & AI. Thus our approach includes the use of theory and technology that teaches you to

  • Identify markers at the back of your hand
  • Avoid beginner trading mistakes
  • Study markets with great accuracy
  • Diversify portfolio for security
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Why AI?

A better question would be ‘Why Alfred?’

Alfred isn’t just a trading simulator. In the face
of a constant threat of losing your investment,
it is only human to make mistakes. Alfred is 
trained to help you not just make decisions but
also give you an experience that the real
world offers and help you internalize